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who we are

The Bridge and Tunnel Gallery

Stands at the intersection of ideation, creation, and community building. Thinkers, makers, and artisans from historically underrepresented communities collaborate with us to create and offer their work. Through our meticulous curation and production, we have become a playground for the senses—a place where creators, vendors, and patrons can gather and connect. We believe in building a better world and invite you to collaborate with us.

As a creator

You will have the opportunity to work alongside others from diverse disciplines and explore new ideas that can only stem from engaging conversations. With our physical and digital presence, you can connect with new communities and come in direct contact with your audience. We also partner with vendors in different industries to supply you with the tools and equipment you need.

As a vendor

You will gain exposure to a wide audience consisting of creatives and patrons alike. Our modular approach serves as the perfect spot to host your promotional events or popups. We never carry similar products—including our own in-house brand—so you can rest assured that you will face no competition under our organization. The artisans who collaborate with us will get a chance to use your products, and our patrons can see them in action. The Bridge and Tunnel will work with you to extend your reach.

As a patron

You will have the opportunity to get to know creatives and other adventurers. Your contributions help keep our community thriving and support the makers who call it home. You will gain access to workshops, lectures, and works of art spanning from visual to culinary to performing. Even if you’re only passing through, you can still revel in the sense of community as you explore multisensory experiences and refined retail products. The Bridge and Tunnel brings the world to your home and neighborhood.

We are all connected. Let’s build and repeat together.


The Bridge and Tunnel builds multidisciplinary pathways among creatives from historically underrepresented groups and the public to amplify their voices and strengthen the community.


The Bridge and Tunnel provides thinkers and makers with the tools they need to get inspired, create, and reach their audience. We connect different communities through the artists who amplify their voices.

The Bridge and Tunnel

The Bridge and Tunnel gathers people, ideas, and curated offerings. We forge links among independent thinkers, makers, and their public. We value transparency, critical creativity, and integrity. We believe in protecting human rights and the environment. We delight in the power of community and inspiring one another. We build and repeat.

The Bridge and Tunnel began as a fashion atelier and has evolved into a modular cultural hub. Creatives from underrepresented communities collaborate with our organization to develop and showcase their work in different disciplines. Our patrons can participate in lectures and workshops and experience art—from visual to performing to culinary.

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The Bridge Tunnel Logo
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