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Carmen Daneshmandi

I am a multidisciplinary Spanish-Iranian photographer, videographer & visual artist. Driven by that texture of identity and with various cultural references from my own upbringing, my work combines portraiture and storytelling and disrupts it with a sensibility of color, playfulness, and mixed media. Using collage, object, personal history, and words, I look to thoughtfully create a poetic, informed, and cathartic space from which to better understand my place in the world and to infuse my subjects with the possibility of their own empowerment and self-preservation with fantasy. My work spans the arenas of editorial, video, music, fine art, fashion, and reportage. Working on personal and commissioned projects. Currently based in Barcelona. Available worldwide.

Latest Arts

Sim in Stride (Pink)


FiFNY Opens Squarev4
Female in Focus
Past Exhibition
November 17 -
December 7, 2023
Female in Focus

Welcome to Female in Focus, an annual exhibition recognizing women’s extraordinary contributions to contemporary photography.

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