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Jameel Newkirk

Jameel Newkirk was born and raised in North Carolina, where he found an early fascination with the album covers of his father’s record collection. Over the years, he has honed his visual palette, impressed by pop artists like Andy Warhol, Emory Douglas and Roy Lichtenestein, animated with an eclectic mix of early Japanese anime, vintage comic books, psychedelic graphics, The Simpson’s world of limited colors, and the aesthetics of early Nintendo games. A self-proclaimed music junkie, he remains captivated by the imaginative styles associated with early ’90s rap music, which he refers to as a marker for ‘an unafraid-to-try-anything’ era.

In 2014, Jameel relocated to Brooklyn, desiring change; instead, he has found his home and an appreciation for the mundane-yet-joyful scenes in a land that he refers to as a ‘storied place.’ Sustaining an outsider perspective, Jameel has worked with print and digital media to visually frame his love for Brooklyn. In this series, he takes you through the poetic moments of everyday life—compositions that are rendered with nostalgia, aware of now, and inspired by glimpses of a promising future.


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Sunday Ride
2022 |

Last Event

Views From A Stoop
Past Event
Saturday, April 30, 2022
Closing Reception 6:30 PM
Views From A Stoop (Closing Reception)

Join The Bridge and Tunnel gallery and artists for a spring party and night of Arts, music, and drink.

Last Exhibition

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View From a Stoop
Past Exhibition
April 2 -
April 23, 2022
View From a Stoop

The Bridge & Tunnel Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition of recent works by Jameel Newkirk, titled “View from the Stoops, a Love Story!”. The show is about everyday moments of life in Brooklyn. It will open on Saturday, April 2, 2022, featuring live music from local DJ Jahmed Kinsey.

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