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Sara Lorusso

Sara Lorusso was born in 1995 in the Emilia Romagna countryside, a region in the north of Italy. From an early age she was fascinated by nature and by the creatures that populated it, perhaps it is here that her passion for observing was born.
With the use of analog photography, she represents reality with soft lights and dialogues with her body and that of others in a very intimate and personal way that is difficult to describe in words.
Since the first approach with photography she has tried to spread a message of inclusion, human’s body has always been objectified and aestheticized.
Through her photos she would like everyone to express the right to be themselves.
She is Co – founder of Mulieris Magazine.

Latest Arts

Giole and Beatrice


FiFNY Opens Squarev4
Female in Focus
Past Exhibition
November 17 -
December 7, 2023
Female in Focus

Welcome to Female in Focus, an annual exhibition recognizing women’s extraordinary contributions to contemporary photography.

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