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Stefanie Langenhoven

Stefanie is one of the winners of The British Journal of Photography’s Female in focus award 2022.
Her work has been featured in The Guardian, British Journal of Photography, Brenda Magazine,
Hashtagphotomag, Unvael Journal, Oath Journal, Korper Magazine, Accumen Magazine etc. She has been exhibited all around South Africa as well as in London, UK; Paris, France; Uslan, South Korea; Miami, and upcoming in New York, USA.
One of her images has recently been published in Eye Mama: Poetic Truths of Home and Motherhood by Karni Arieli. Her image was chosen out of 4000 images that were submitted and is one of 228 published in this book.
The forward is written by Allesia Glaviano from Photo Vogue. Eye Mama has been reviewed and featured in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Elle, The British Journal of Photography, to name but a few.
“My work is mainly concerned with the feminine, and what it means to be a woman, with a special focus on girlhood, pregnancy and motherhood. I look at how self-image, body image and perceptions of the feminine self become distorted through what is being mirrored to us in a society that is so obsessed with the female image. My images represent in most part manifestations of emotional and feeling states, quietly making the invisible more visible. Throughout my work, I also explore themes of love and fear, death and transformation, gender, relationship, and dreams.”

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From The Series Avatãra, 2021


FiFNY Opens Squarev4
Female in Focus
Past Exhibition
November 17 -
December 7, 2023
Female in Focus

Welcome to Female in Focus, an annual exhibition recognizing women’s extraordinary contributions to contemporary photography.

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