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Past Exhibition
November 12 -
November 25, 2022
Opening Time: 5-9 PM
The Bridge and Tunnel Gallery
OPEN by Laura Esporrin

This project explores the trace of time in the landscape and the relationship between identity  and territory. This urban photography project uses frontal shots to redesign the context of each  image. This series takes the figuration and realism of photography, reflecting on the open-closed  and abandoned-inhabited dualities, making the viewer wonder ‘where could that be?’ or, ‘what  is that?’ 

The images feature environments that have undergone changes that reflect the passage of time,  until abandonment. Through defined lines added digitally, the layered images show that these  places can indeed have a second life. This series narrates travel, beginning in Valmiera (Latvia)  and continuing in New York. Laura avoids iconic images that could represent them, instead highlighting lesser recognized environmental details that reveal the essences of both places. Laura associates a color to each city based on her experience living there. Yellow defines Latvia: 

A country with winters of very little light, in which the warm lights of the houses fill the landscape. New York, on the other hand, is blue for its electricity, tension, and energy. Open juxtaposes details of two places supposedly at odds with one another, creating a dialogue between them  and reopening these overlooked spaces to the public.

On view at The Bridge and Tunnel Garden Floor until November 25th

About the Artist: Based in Spain, Laura is an artist interested in the relationship between identity and territory.  She analyzes the landscape and how inhabiting one geographical area or another affects us, to give visibility to this connection created between our experiences and the place where we live them. She tends to work from the spatial strategies of the installation, as well as photography mixed with digital painting.

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Exhibition ends on November 25, 2022
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