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Past Exhibition
October 8 -
December 18, 2022
Opening Time: 5PM
The Bridge and Tunnel Gallery

What is so fragile that by saying its name, you break it?

Let’s break it. Let’s talk about silence. Let’s talk about silence as a source of power but also silence as a tool for oppression. Let’s talk about silence. Is it positive or negative, a choice or an edict?

In collaboration with the Curatorial Agency, we proudly present silence/d—a spatial essay. Curated by Sanam Samanian, the show references recent works by three emerging artists from diasporic communities: Salva Modarres, Brian W. Fraser, and Ali Motamedi. The juxtaposition visually depicts the intricacies of silence, exhibiting both its merits and perils in our contemporary culture.

Join us on October 8th for the opening reception:
5 PM – Midnight.

We look forward to your presence at the Bridge & Tunnel.

More about the team: 

The Bridge & Tunnel Gallery stands at the intersection of ideation, creation, and community building. Thinkers, makers, and artists from historically underrepresented communities use the shared space to create and offer their work. Through the gallery’s meticulous curation and production, this art space has become a playground for the senses—a place where creators, vendors, and patrons culturally gather and connect to build a better world. 

The Curatorial Agency  works globally to introduce contemporary cultural projects. The Agency collaborates with others in the creative sector (architects, artists, media, photographers, documentarians, filmmakers, developers, producers, designers, institutions, cultural organizations, galleries, art spaces, think tanks) and most importantly, the public, for the exhibition of thoughtful, narrative-based curatorial content. 

Sanam Samanian is a writer/curator, working internationally with a focus on our cultural and ecological future. Trained in Architecture with a masters degree in Future Studies, she references art and architecture to engage the audience in an accessible dialogue about contemporary culture’s signals of change, and possible futures. . 

Salva Modarres is a Toronto based illustrator, telling emotional stories through her intricate, animated work.  

Brian W. Fraser is a NYC based photographer, residing in Jersey City. Brian works across many genres to explore and document new aesthetics of the African Diaspora. 

Ali Motamedi is a writer, photographer and educator whose work focuses on city life, travel, immigration, and identity. He has a PhD in civil engineering and has studied Fine Arts at the City University of New York.

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